Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello... hello

Hah! Its been awhile since I last posted.  Between Facebook and other things this got neglected. It was only when I realised that I was using my Google account to comment on other blogs that I realised that this was horribly out of date.

So... what now??
I like Instagram... kind of addicted to it in a good way. P and I walk each afternoon and I try and take a couple of photos with my phone along the way. More often than not one of them will be edited then posted on Instagram and Flickr. I used to follow Fatmumslim's photo-of-the-day list but it got kind of boring so I stopped.

We're gotten into Geocaching... finding Tupperware in the bush with million dollar satellites. Go to for a more comprehensive explaination if you seek further information.

History is big in our house at the moment. P has been researching the old South Coast Rail Line (plus a couple of associated tramlines and other forms of transport). He's hoping to put it together as a webpage, but he could probably turn it into a Master's thesis if he set his mind to it.

Project Life... now this is the kind of scrapping I like. Pictures and words. No fru-fru for me, so much easier and I am enjoying the process. Use quite a few of Cathy Zielke's Designer Digital Templates.  Lashed out on Photoshop CS6 (the education version) - loving the challenge.

As many afternoons as possible we've been exploring our local area and increasing our distance and speed. I've been using the MapMyWalk app but its a little heavy in its data usage and power consumption so I'm thinking of switching back to the Nike+ app.

I've started scanning Mum's slide collection. Hoping to turn it into a photobook by the time for her 70th Birthday (shhhh - don't tell her).

Workwise... I work, P doesn't (at the moment - he's the house husband), so money is a little tight but we are loving the challenge of keeping things simple.

That's about it for the time being. No guarantees on when I'll next update, in the meantime heres a recent sunset pic.